Warranties on Treadmills – What You Should Know

Desperate people on a fat loss quest often resort to the use of treadmills to accelerate the process of shedding pounds. While it is possible to make use of treadmill machines at the gymnasium, sooner or later exercise fiends are faced with what is obviously the more cost-effective and convenient option: buying their own treadmill.

Never having to leave the comfort of your own home is one of the attractions of owning a treadmill; however, before parting with cold hard cash, buyers are advised to pay close attention to the matter of warranties on treadmill machines. Failure to observe this precaution could see buyers in Canada who fall victim to a failing treadmill paying a heavy price for their folly.

To begin with, there are four areas covered in a typical treadmill service warranty: these are frame problems, motor problems, replacement parts, and labor costs.


1. Frame warranty

Depending on the body weight of the person using it, a treadmill frame can take one hell of a pounding! Furthermore, it is expected to be able to withstand that punishment for hour after hour, day after day. A treadmill frame that gives up the ghost within months of purchase is no use to man or beast. Therefore, your warranty should cover treadmill repair within the term of the warranty. But, what is a reasonable period to expect to see covered by warranties on treadmill frames?

Well, in an ideal world, you would be looking for a lifetime warranty as regards the frame. However, it should be noted that cheaper models often only cover the frame for 10 or 20 years. Still, that is quite a long time. After all, once you shed those pounds and get your trim figure back, you may have no further need of the treadmill!

2. Motor warranty

The next important matter with regard to a treadmill warranty is that of the motor. In all probability, the motor is the element in a treadmill that is most likely to fail. Motors have moving parts and are subject to friction as well as general wear and tear over time. Therefore, failures are quite common as the treadmill gets older, especially if it is used a lot on a day by day basis. In view of this it is important to look at the small print in your treadmill warranty to see how long it covers the motor. A typical time frame would be five to ten years. However, some manufacturers try to hoodwink buyers by offering only short warranty periods for motor repairs. If you are worried that the warranty period covering repair of your treadmill’s motor is too short, you might have the option of extending the warranty, but at extra cost.

If your treadmill motor fails when the product is out of warranty, you will face some tough choices. You might be able to get the motor repaired at comparatively low cost, but if the treadmill repair costs exceed the cost of a brand new treadmill, you are on a hiding to nothing. In such case, you would have no option but to bite the bullet, consign the old treadmill to landfill, and then go shopping for a brand new model.

3. Parts and labor warranty

Once again, treadmill buyers are advised to pay close attention to the terms and conditions of their warranty with reference to parts and labor. Warranties on treadmill products usually have specific time periods for parts and labor. Ideally, you want these to be as long as possible to avoid incurring unwanted costs. Parts are typically covered for two years, although a term of five years is not unheard of. Labor is another kettle of fish, and here manufacturers often try to limit completely free repairs to as little as one year. After this, parts may be covered but labor is subcontracted out with the treadmill owner footing the bill.




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