Used Treadmill

Five years ago, if you had told me that you were thinking about buying a used treadmill, I would’ve agreed with your choice. However, over the past few years, my thoughts on used treadmills have changed.

I no longer recommend used treadmills because the pricing on new treadmills is so different than what it was before. They have gone down much lower, becoming much more affordable to households. If you spend a few minutes on our ‘UNDER $1000’ treadmill section, you will find treadmills that are priced as low as $399, as well as a handful within the $700 range that offer features you wouldn’t think were available at that price – iPod docks, heart rate monitor, LED all included. T

Used treadmillsBuying a treadmill is an investment in health and fitness, and a good treadmill will last more than a few years. On top of that, the warranty will extend the life of your treadmill for another few years, as maintenance is key. Suppose you purchased a $500 treadmill and that it lasted you 10 years. That works out to only $50 per year. That’s much better than getting a $300 used treadmill that has a good chance of breaking down. With no warranty, you will have to service your machine, which can get pricey. With a used treadmill, you won’t know much about the history of the machine either, how much the previous owners used it, whether or not they maintained it, etc…

So before going any further, I strongly recommend you taking a few minutes and visit our ‘UNDER $1000’ treadmill reviews section. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding one within your budget.

If you are reading this line here, you are probably not convinced and insist on getting a used treadmill instead. No problem. Let us guide you through the process. When looking for a used treadmill, you should always look for reputable name. It’s not recommended to go with small companies or outdated manufacturers because chances are, if anything goes wrong, you will never be able to find parts fixing it.

Secondly, do a background check. Ask the previous owner how it was used and how often it was used. Think about it like mileage on a car. If it was heavily used or used as a playground for a kid, good luck with that. Avoid this at all costs.

Thirdly, do a service record. See if it was damaged or malfunctioned before it was put up for sale. A good seller or store should be able to provide that without issues.

Lastly, try to go with a newer model if the price is right. As mentioned earlier, old models and outdated brands will experience difficulty when it comes to repairs and parts. Ask if there is any warranty remaining and if so, ask if the warranty is transferable.


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