The Real Truth About Manufacturers

So you are placed in a situation deciding between different treadmill models; One employee came up to you, trying to sell you the unit with the higher price tag (perfectly normal from his/her perspective), explaining how higher price tag means higher quality and how it is made in US etc. OK! Stop it right there and lets get real.

A friendly reminder, we are in 2012 and the country of origin has absolutely NO RELEVANCE on quality. Quality control standards are placed everywhere and in reality, most products are manufactured in China/somewhere in Asia these days. In fact, many factories in China are completely automated and certified to ISO 9001 or ISO 9002 stands. Based on research, more than 80% of fitness equipments and goods sold in North America are from Asia.

So if you happen to encounter anyone telling you to avoid ‘made in China’ or ‘Asian made’ fitness products, please do yourself a favor and tell them to put their head back into the sand. This is because many well known North American companies such as Horizon, AFG, Precor, Proform, Schwinn and virtually all other producers of fitness equipment rely on a Asian manufacturer. If you want to get techy, lets put it this way; Microsoft, Apple, Dell, HP, Toshiba have a high level of components manufactured in Asia as well.

In conclusion, what you should really be considered about is where you are purchasing from; is it a big retailer? What type of service do they provide?


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