The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Treadmills

Most people find it confusing when trying to buy a treadmill, and the presence of many models on the market makes the search for the best ones even difficult. You want to find something that works for you and knowing what is out there is the first step. True puts out commercial treadmills like the CS800 and the LS900. These are meant to withstand a significant amount of use and be put in a gym. They tend to have a sturdier frame and a motor slated to last for more hours. For residential treadmills, you may want to look into an AFG 7.1AT or a True M50, both of which have a long lifespan but are not quite as expensive as their commercial counterparts.


Residential Treadmills

Residential treadmills tend to come in both folding and non-folding models so that you can more easily store them in your home. This tends to be appealing for those with limited space who still want to have easy access. These treadmills tend to come with a variety of user-friendly consoles with various options. You can easily program the treadmill to run a workout that makes sense for you. These treadmills are designed for home use or very light commercial use, not for any kind of heavy gym area. Newer models of residential treadmills like the AFG 7.1AT tend to have things like a MP3 dock for music and the Virtual Passport that allows you to feel like you are running through different locations all around the world. These little additions make using the treadmill more fun.

Commercial Treadmills

These treadmills 99% of the time are static or non-folding. This means the size is the size, there is no way to store it as a smaller unit. They support heavy workouts and heavy volume. The commercial treadmill is meant to be used multiple hours every day. Because of this the frame tends to be stronger and the components are of a higher quality. This ensures the treadmill’s durability over the long term. They tend to be in gyms, fitness centers, spas and other public places. While they have a variety of programs, they may not be as user friendly or as specific as a residential treadmill. They are often wired to be hooked up with a central entertainment system so people can just plug in, this is much more difficult to set up in your home.


Can I buy a Residential Treadmill for Commercial Use?

It is not advisable to buy a residential treadmill for commercial use for many reasons. One, they tend to be more lightweight and cannot handle the rigorous requirements of multiple users and constant use. In addition, they may not be ranked to handle the heavier individuals who will want to use the devices. You can also end up voiding your warranty as this is a breaking of the agreement of purchase and using the device beyond the scope. This means you will be responsible for any repair and can be liable if someone is hurt. You also could risk alienating or disappointing your clientele as they are paying for access to top of the line equipment.

Can I buy a Commercial Treadmill for Residential Use?

On the flip side, it is totally acceptable to purchase a commercial treadmill for residential use. You may find it is more difficult to fit it in your space, but that is up to you. You should also consider the fact you are likely wasting a bit of money by doing this. The truth is, you will not be using it as much as it would be utilized in a commercial setting so you are paying a higher price for something than you need to. Also, you may want to consider finding something with a folding deck in order to give you more space when you are not using the treadmill.

Finding the right treadmill for you all depends on how you plan to use the exercise equipment and how often you will be spending time on it. You want to find something that will live up to all your personal fitness goals while still working with the space you have available. Knowing the difference between residential and commercial treadmills is just the first step in choosing the device that is right for you. Consider all your needs, price the equipment and then buy what you feel fits your lifestyle best.


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