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Tunturi T30 Treadmill Review

No good points. Avoid at all costs.

With bankruptcy of its North American branch it would be a nightmare to acquire parts for this line of product. Look at something else to purchase with your hard earned money instead of throwing it away on a pretty much


Millions of people are actively searching and shopping online and in traditional stores for high quality fitness equipment, especially treadmills. Treadmills are very effective and can deliver a great workout experience if they are high-quality products that have been proven to deliver the quality and efficiency that the average consumer looks for and expects when making this type of purchase. With that in mind, then, it is imperative that you stay far away from any Tunturi product if you are one of the consumers that are currently considering whether or not to purchase a Tunturi treadmill.

The company is not doing very well overall on a professional level and it is clear that their extensive line of products has greatly suffered because of their professional and financial complications. The majority of the equipment that you currently see on the sales floor that is branded by Tunturi and has the Tunturi label (including their elliptical equipment and treadmills) were actually purchased from bankruptcy and later cleared out soon after that.

Within the country of North America, the overall company brand and organization behind the name Tunturi is close to extinction. Therefore, if you purchase any treadmill or fitness equipment from them and happen to experience any technical issues while owning it, you will be basically on your own. There will not be anyone there to assist you from Tunturi or provide you with technical support assistance and customer service. This is all the more reason why you should stay away from Tunturi products all together.

One of their leading products that seem to still be on sale and widely available is the Tunturi T30 treadmill. We did an in-depth study on several Tunturi T30 treadmill reviews as well as the specifications and features that are built into this model to weigh the advantages against the disadvantages in order to see if this treadmill is worth the money that they are asking consumers to pay for it.

Pros Of The FreeMotion 730 Treadmill

  • Moderate belt size for sufficient walking & running (20” x 59”)
  • Heart rate monitoring equipment built into the treadmill
  • Bottle holder included for refreshment during workout
  • High quality ergonomic components, such as elevation quick keys
  • Five feedback displays built into the treadmill’s console

Cons Of The FreeMotion 730 Treadmill

  • 2.5 CHP motor for continuous-duty operations
  • Incline range only goes up to 12%
  • Maximum user weight is 300 pounds
  • Cost is overpriced higher than comparable models



If you are seriously considering shopping for a Tunturi T30 treadmill, then we think that you should seriously reconsider that decision. There are so many other treadmills that you can buy from almost any fitness store that would be better, more efficient and more effective than the Tunturi T30 treadmill. As mentioned earlier, the Tunturi brand name is on the brink of extinction. Therefore, investing in any of their high-priced fitness equipment in today’s society will basically be the equivalent of investing in a cruise ship that is already halfway sunk in the middle of the ocean. It is only a matter of time before they will no longer even be relevant or in existence within the fitness industry, so it is wise to invest in another brand and type of treadmill that you know will definitely be around for at least the next several years as well.

The Tunturi T30 is extremely overpriced, especially based on the fact that it is being developed and distributed by a company that has a horrendous track record professionally with their past and present customers.

If you are truly looking for a great treadmill that is worth the money and is developed and distributed by a company that you know is going to be around for a while, then the best buy that you should consider in this case is the AFG 3.1AT treadmill. AFG treadmills and fitness products are manufactured and sold under the umbrella of Johnson Fitness, a company that has built a strong reputation within the industry of fitness equipment and products over the years. When you buy a product from Johnson Fitness, you know that every dollar spent was done so to invest in a quality product that is not going to do anything less than meet your expectations.

The AFG 3.1AT treadmill provides users with a 2.75 CHP motor that runs extremely quietly when it is being used and has an incline range of up to 15%, instead of the 12% limit that the vast majority of other treadmills have been able to reach in the past. You also have an overabundance of extra features that sweeten the deal and further enhance the quality and efficiency of the treadmill overall. With the AFG 3.1AT treadmill, customers can be provided with high quality equipment that they can trust and that is guaranteed to satisfy them instead of being disappointed by the poor quality and performance of the Tunturi T30 treadmill.

Tunturi T30 Treadmill – Key Specs:

Frame Type: Standard
Drive Motor: 2.5 HP
Speed Range: 0 – 11 mph
Incline Range: 0 – 12%
Running Area: 20×59
User Capacity: 300lbs
Warranty – Frame: 15 Years
Warranty – Motor: 15 Years
Warranty – Labor: 1 Year
Warranty – Parts: 2 Years



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