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True ES900 Treadmill Review

The best of the best of treadmills. This treadmill is the best in the industry with solid and proven quality components. This is a wolf in sheeps clothing, a beautiful treadmill but built like an absolute tank. Amazing cushioning, ample running space excellent interactive electronics. This treadmill is a hands down winner.

Weighs over 500lbs. But when you want the best you need that kind of weight for stability. Parts are generally more expensive than other brands. To their defense, their parts do last a lot longer than others. True generally sets the standard for all other manufacturters to follow.


When you are looking for the absolute best treadmill on the market you needn’t look further than the True ES900. This treadmill sports all the best parts, warranties and options of any treadmill out there. You will know that from the minute you plug it in you will have the highest quality workout equipment with maximum durability. The commercial roll formed steel frame is unmatched when it comes to strength and stability meaning it can start with you when you begin your workout plan and stick with you as you are able to run harder and longer. You don’t have to worry about it being wobbly, and you can trust that the True ES900 can keep up with your rigorous demands without a problem. It is one of the best buys in all of Canada.

True ES900 Treadmill PROS

  • Incredibly strong frame for hard use, can hold anyone
  • Multiple program options so you can keep challenging yourself
  • 11- inch LCD screen for ease of use entertainment, the touchscreen option (15 inches) is the best
  • True’s patented Soft System for the most biomechanically correct running surface
  • Great on the knees due to the extra cushion
  • Long deck so you don’t have trouble with your stride
  • 4 horsepower quiet drive motor so you don’t have to turn your music up as loud
  • Wireless heart rate strap
  • USB connectivity to track your progress
  • Easy to use touch screen
  • 15- inch touch screen comes with 21 preset, 4 custom and 5 saved programs, the 11- inch comes with 13 preset, 2 custom, 1 custom interval and 2 saved programs
  • Solid platform so you can put it anywhere in the house
  • Sleek look so it doesn’t stand out in the room
  • Lifetime frame warranty

Although it wins our best buy stamp of approval, to be fair, we also have some negatives to list for the T101:

True ES900 Treadmill – CONS

  • Heavy so it can be difficult to move around
  • On the pricey side, but the best quality available for the price

True ES900 Treadmill Review – OVERALL

When it comes to true quality, the True Fitness ES900 has nailed down what is needed to make a treadmill stand out. You need something that you are excited to get on everyday during the cold Canadian days and nights. You want a treadmill that offers you variety and that you can use in the house even when others are asleep. The ultra- quiet motor means you won’t wake others up with your noise. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the frame shaking or causing bumping because it is designed as one of the strongest frames on the market. This is not only important in keeping the noise at bay but also for your stability when you run.


The cushion system in the True ES900 is better than any other on the market. The scientists studied the true ergonomic requirements of different people in order to come up with a machine that made the most sense and would help make your joints last longer. The more you run the more addicted you become, but your knees can take a real beating. The True ES900 is better on your body: knees and hips, than running outside. This means you can push your muscles harder and reach your goals faster.

True ES900 Treadmill Canada

True ES900 Treadmill – What We Think

If you plan on just building your walking routes, you can do that as well. There are so many programs on the this true treadmill you can walk all different types of paths and monitor your heart rate with the wireless system. You can build your own challenges by using the incline to increase your strength and build your speed. This treadmill will keep up with all your fitness goals, and the programs will help keep you motivated even when you don’t quite feel like climbing on the True ES900.

Made with all the best and highest quality products you are getting what you pay for in this treadmill. There are many other machines out there in this price range, but they are made with secondary parts and are not to the quality of the True Fitness ES900. True Treadmill prices are always consistent with what you are getting. As opposed to charging you for the name the company is charging you for the quality of the work and the sustainability of the product. True Treadmills want you to only have to buy one treadmill for your whole life. Of course, the changing technology might make you upgrade down the road, but that would be a decade or so, easily.

There is no bait and switch with the True ES900. Many other companies lead you to believe you are getting something similar to their commercial brand treadmill when really you are not. True Fitness wanted to give its customers the option of buying a commercial quality product at a price that made sense. While you likely won’t use it as much as it would get used in a gym, it didn’t mean you needed to get a device that could not withstand the same type of workout. You need something that can keep up with you and your family, and that is what the True ES900 treadmill does.

You will not find a more competitive, quality treadmill on the market. You will not find a treadmill that we will recommend more highly than the True ES900, especially with the 15- inch touch screen. It is simply the easiest to use, the best product for the money, and it gives you all the options you are looking for. The more satisfied you are with your treadmill the more you will use it; that is a fact. There is nothing on the ES900 that we would improve upon or ask more of. The quality, the options and the durability of this treadmill stand out above all else. When you are looking for the best of the best the True Fitness ES900 treadmill comes to the surface leaving all the other options in its wake. The goal is to get you a treadmill that exceeds your needs and expectation, and that is exactly what the True ES900 does.

True ES900 Treadmill – Key Specs:

Frame Type: Standard
Drive Motor: 4.0 HP
Speed Range: 0.5 – 12 mph
Incline Range: -3% – 15%
Running Area: 20×60
User Capacity: 400lbs
Warranty – Frame: Lifetime
Warranty – Motor: Lifetime
Warranty – Labor: 10 Years
Warranty – Parts: 2 Years



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