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Tempo 612T Treadmill Review

Great price point

Would recommend the Merit Brand instead for around the same price. Both are made by Johnson Health Tech but Merit offers better value.


The Tempo 612T is a beginner treadmill and is quite basic. Even though it is one of the cheaper treadmills on the market, you might be overspending on it for a few reasons. First, there does not seem to be the same discount on it on Canadian Tire as there is for the other treadmills. That means you can already get a more expensive treadmill at a lower price.

Second, the feature limitations on this treadmill mean you might outgrow its capabilities quite quickly and then you have spent more per workout than you would have if you had committed to something slightly pricier like the AFG 7.1, which we consider to be the best buy.

This is a very basic treadmill that will get you going, and if you only plan on walking, it might be the right one for you. Even for walking it is a bit loud, so you will have time watching TV with it unless you have direct headphones to get past the sound of the treadmill itself. It does come with a nice rack on it for magazines and for drinks and such. It folds up rather easily and is fairly easy on your knees, a nice feature for a treadmill but it does not have the cushion support of the AFG 7.1. This low impact feature makes a truly huge difference when it comes to spending lots of time on the treadmill.

Tempo 612T Treadmill – PROS

  • Inexpensive for the treadmill market
  • Folds compactly
  • 4 workout programs
  • Incline range to 10%
  • Cushioned running surface
  • Works with regular wall outlet
  • Space saving design

Tempo 612T Treadmill – CONS

  • Only runs to 10 miles per hour
  • Small running space, not good for longer strides
  • Max weight is 250 pounds
  • Does not work well for extended running
  • Frame is not as sturdy as some of the others
  • Maxes out at 10% incline, only has three positions
  • Only has 4 preset programs, limiting your workout
  • Does not contain a fan


What We Think of the Tempo 612T Treadmill

While the Temp 612T treadmill can be purchased from the Canadian Tire store for a good price, it is not as complete as some of the other treadmills on the market like the AFG 7.1. Basically, for the same price or slightly more, you can get a few more programs and a sturdier treadmill. It makes every dollar spent worth a little more.

For those who are looking for their first treadmill, this is a good option, and while it is not perfect, it is a decent buy. You will find if you are a heavier person that the frame does not feel all that sturdy and it might make it so you don’t want to workout very often. It is easy to store and rather easy to move around. It does not have speakers so that can make it more difficult when you are trying to listen to music while you workout. The AFG 7.1 gives you a docking option for your MP3 player.

Probably the biggest negative for this treadmill is the manual incline setting beyond 5%. You cannot change the incline higher than 5% while you are working out and there are only three options when it comes to incline level. From 0-5%, there is a power incline option but nothing beyond that. While this is fine at the beginning of the long Canada winter, by the end of it you might be ready to challenge yourself more. While it is a good starter treadmill, if you get something like the
AFG 7.1AT you have more to grow into and you will likely be able to keep the treadmill for a much longer time. For the price you are getting a decent treadmill but you need to consider your long term fitness goals before you commit to this treadmill or you might be disappointed after awhile.

Tempo 612T Treadmill – Key Specs:

Frame Type: Folding
Drive Motor: 1.5 CHP
Speed Range: 1 – 10 mph
Incline Range: 0 – 5%, 3-position manual
Running Area: 18×47, AEROsoft™ cushioning running surface
User Capacity: 250lbs
Warranty – Frame: varies
Warranty – Motor: varies
Warranty – Labor: varies
Warranty – Parts: varies



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