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Merit 715T Plus Treadmill Review

Merit 715T Treadmill Reviews

Cheap and affordable.

For low usage users only. Definitely not for anything serious. Treat this as a basic and entry-level treadmill.


Merit 715t Plus Treadmill – Overview

Tight on budget but looking for a treadmill under $1000? What about under $500? Thats right! Let me introduce you to Merit 715T Plus treadmill. This model is probably the best of the best treadmill you can ever find on planet earth under $500. We were extremely surprised when we first knew about this. I mean, lets get honest here, a treadmill for under $500? Usually with such budget, you can only get a second-hand/used treadmill. But its true and in fact, many stores in Canada are selling it for approximately $399 CAD.

Merit 715t Plus Treadmill Reviews

So why is it so cheap? The Merit 715t Plus treadmill targets entry-level users. It is perfect for people who never owned or used a treadmill before and simply looking for light workouts. Merit oversees the demand for entry level users and that is why the Merit 715t Plus Treadmill was born.

However, do not expect this treadmill to function like Horizon and AFG treadmills; Dont expect heavy solid frame like AFG, or anything like the LiveTrack feature on Livestrong treadmills. Merit 715t Plus treadmill does not offer anything like that. It is a simple, easy to use and affordable treadmill. Period.

Merit 715t Plus treadmill is a typical folding treadmill components equipped with a 2.50 THP, 18″ x 47″ running surface, speed up to 10mph and 5% incline. If you have done your research well, you will find that as of 2012, most treadmills comes with 2.75 CHP minimium. This illustrates that the Merit 715t is definitely not designed for hardcore treadmill workouts. As disucssed above, it is designed for ‘light workouts and first time users who wants to walk and jog on it – no running please. In addition, a 18″ x 47″ running area is definitely shorter than most treadmills out in the market nowadays (most models offer 20″ x 50″), so users will experience some level of kind of discomfort/challenge running on it – and once again, it is definitely not recommended unless you are looking to destory it.


Furthermore, it only offers up to 10mph and 5% incline, which is relatively weak (while most typical models offer up to 12mph and 10% incline).

And finally, it is unfortunate to see that the Mert 715t Plus does not come with long warranty. It offers a lifetime warranty for the frame, but only 1 year for the motor and 90 days for parts and labor. Yup, only 90 days for parts and labor, you got that right. Thats unreasonably short in comparison to other treadmills out there, but its expected for ‘budget’ treadmills since quality was scarified to keep prices low.

Merit 715T Plus Treadmill Reviews Console

Now dont get us wrong. Although our reviews on the Merit 715t Plus might sound a little harsh, but this baby is definitely worth buying for entry-level users because of the value it brings to the table. However, if you show ‘slight’ interest (even a tiny bit) running or doing a tiny bit of hardcore workout on it, take our advice and dont bother with this treadmill. Otherwise, you will destory the poor Merit 715t Plus treadmill within 1 year, and you wont be covered with warranty and finally, you will be extremely disappointed – $399 down the drain.

Merit 715t Plus Treadmill – Do We Recommend?

What we recommend? Spend a little more and go with the Horizon T101 instead. You will be much happier with it, better quality and features (mp3 compatbility, 9 programs), longer warranty (lifetime motor, 1 year parts and labor) and most of all, a bigger running area (20″ x 50″) and up to 10% incline. The Horizon T101 has been rated Best Buy for 4 years in a row on more than 100 different treadmill reviews sites.

Merit 715T Plus Treadmill – Key Specs:

Frame Type: Folding
Drive Motor: 2.50 THP
Speed Range: 1 – 10 mph
Incline Range: 0 – 5%
Running Area: 18×47
User Capacity: 250lbs
Warranty – Frame: Lifetime
Warranty – Motor: 1 Year
Warranty – Labor: 90 Days
Warranty – Parts: 90 Days



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