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Horizon T203 Treadmill Review

Horizon T203 Treadmill Reviews

Great features on a $999 treadmill

I think I would buy the AFG 3.1T instead for around the same price point. I prefer quality over gadgets. Both Horizon and AFG are made by Johnson Health Tech but AFG uses much more substantial components and better warranties.


Horizon T203 treadmill is Horizon’s top of the line model, designed for all walkers, joggers and runners. This machine is equipped with a powerful 2.75 HP continuous duty motor, an extra long 60” running surface as well as advance features such as Nike + iPod fitness tracking, power incline and adjustable cushioning.

So you might be thinking, “wow, its good but its probably going to cost me a fortune”. Nope. Dead wrong. The Horizon T203 treadmill will be priced at around the $1100 – $1300 range. Sometimes if you are lucky, you may came across a sale for $999.

You don’t need us to tell you that the Horizon T203 treadmill is actually an upgraded version of T103 – a well liked treadmill by many fitness fans and treadmill reviews sites.

Horizon T203 Treadmill Reviews

Horizon T203 Treadmill – Motor – Only the best from Horizon

The Horizon T203 is equipped with a 2.75CHP motor. Although this is the best motor offer by Horizon, but this motor nevertheless is unfortunately not the greatest for athletes because it does not fulfill the bare minimum 3.0 CHP motor requirement. In another words, it is not suitable for intensive workouts and heavy runners. On the other hand, this 2.75 CHP motor will be ideal for light users.

Horizon T203 treadmill offers up to 12 mph and up to 12% incline, which are excellent specs. Most treadmills at this price range only go up to 10% incline, and extra 2% will get an intense cardio burn that will leave the calories in the dust.

Horizon T203 Treadmill – Frame – Sturdy 200 Pound Durable Treadmill

This frame has an additional 25 lbs weight compare to the other models like the Horizon T202 treadmill. The over-all the capacity for this model has an amazing of 350 lbs weight support, perfect for heavy users but keep in mind, as we mentioned above – not for heavy runners but heavy users for light workouts. With FeatherLIGHT™ lift system, you can fold the machine to create additional spaces easily and conveniently without giving too much effort.

Horizon T203 Treadmill Reviews Canada

Horizon T203 Treadmill – Running Surface – With Cushion to Adjust

To be honest, you cant go wrong with this machin. Its rare to see treadmill with 20” x 60” running surface You can’t lose for the 20” x 60” running surface at this price range. If you compare this with other treadmill models such as Proform and PaceMaster, you cant even get the lowest and lousiest treadmill model from them at this price. The T203 is top of the line in Horizon treadmill series and you will feel completely natural and comfortable running on it. You can even change the firmness of the belt according to your needs. This includes shock absorption that supports the knees and ankle.


Horizon T203 Treadmill – Heart Rate Monitor & Workout Programs

The Horizon T203 treadmill offers a total of 14 workout options, which includes 3 targets (time, distance, and calorie), 4 terrain (manual, intervals, hills and weight loss), plus 2 custom workouts exclusively available on this model only. The 2 custom workouts allow you to create your own 2 exercises with 15 speed profiles and 15 incline profiles and save for each workout.

Horizon T203 Treadmill Reviews Console

Horizon T203 Treadmill – Console – Easy Monitoring

Horizon T203 treadmill carries a LCD screen, blue backlit and a liquid crystal display window, exhibiting readouts for time, range, speed, calories used up as well as other exercise information. Additionally you can easily change your incline and speed by just 1 contact associated with button on gaming console rather than scrolling through your entire alternative. The console is simple, straight forward and easy to use.

Horizon T203 Treadmill – Extra Accessory – Introducing Nike Features

The Nike + iPod feature on the Horizon T203 is definitely worth mentioning. You might be wondering – what the heck is this? Well, it is extremely beneficial because with this, you can now save all your workout performances directly to your iPod and transfer the data to the Nike website. It allows you to store your data in a very fun way. Try it and you’ll enjoy the sessions like never before.

Horizon T203 Treadmill – What we say

We are absolutely impressed with the Horizon T203 treadmill. It is definitely very stable, reliable and priced reasonably. It ran fairly quiet even at high speed and the features that came with it are very useful, especially the ability to track and monitor progress online. In comparison to other brands such as Proform and NordicTrack, the quality on the Horizon T203 feels much more firm and solid. In addition, the warranty on this unit is much longer; Lifetime on frame and motor and 2 years on parts and labor (in comparison to 1year for most treadmills).

Horizon T203 Treadmill – Key Specs:

Frame Type: Folding
Drive Motor: 2.75 CHP
Speed Range: 0.5 – 12 mph
Incline Range: 0 – 12%
Running Area: 20×60
User Capacity: 350lbs
Warranty – Frame: Lifetime
Warranty – Motor: Lifetime
Warranty – Labor: 1 Years
Warranty – Parts: 2 Years



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