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Free Spirit 3HP Treadmill Review


A private label for Sears Canada similar to Kenmore for Sears. These are very overpriced treadmills allowing sears to offer 90% off sales to appeal to instinct buyers. All future parts must be purchased from Sears at 4 to 10 times their original cost.


This 3 HP Free Spirit treadmill is listed at the same price as the 2 CHP Free Spirit, but it is actually a lower quality treadmill. Both in terms of specs and quality, this treadmill is much more basic.

This one only has a 1.5 CHP motor. The 3 HP part is kinda tricky, but what that means is that you can get to a peak of 3 horsepower, but it won’t be able to sustain that level of power over an entire workout. This is definitely a walking-only treadmill. The striding surface measures 16×47″ which is very small in the treadmill world. You definitely won’t have any room to do more than walk on this. And if you are tall, say 6 foot and taller, then your stride will not feel natural on this treadmill, and you might even be stepping off the edges if you are not careful. The maximum user weight is 265 lbs.

In terms of programs, you will get only 6 in total, 5 preset and manual mode. But this also makes it very easy to use, so it might be good for someone who is not interested in all the “bells and whistles” as they say, or even someone who would be intimidated by technology. It does fold up, not flat on the floor, but up to a vertical position. So you can save some space with this. The speed goes up to 7mph, good again, for a walking treadmill. The deck is slightly cushioned, it’s a 1-ply deck, which is the most basic kind out there. The console is very basic too. It has a single window with LED lighting, which will display your time, distance, speed, calories, pulse and laps. The pulse will be picked up by the handlebars. There’s bottle holders on the console too, but not much else.


There is also incline feature, but rather than an electric incline, you have to do this manually. This means that you can’t really change your preference mid-workout, unless you don’t mind getting off and switching it to another of the 3 available positions. This can get annoying, especially if you want to start flat to warm up, and change it mid way through, it kind of ruins the fluidity of your workout.

It’s a very basic treadmill, really not that many features here. As an entry level treadmill, it has the features that someone who has never worked out before would expect. Good for walking at a slow pace. If all you are looking for is a simple walking treadmill, then it might be suitable for you. Really, this style of treadmill is probably ideal for a senior that is just trying to stay active, or someone that needs very basic physio needs. The only thing is, there are a lot of other treadmills out there that can give you the same features (or lack of features), for much cheaper. A treadmill like this should be less than $500, closer probably to 400 and less. For this listed price you can find something with at least an electric incline and more programs. Don’t spend your money here.

Free Spirit 3HP Treadmill – Key Specs:

Frame Type: Folding
Drive Motor: 1.5 CHP; 3 Peak HP
Speed Range: 0.6 – 7 mph
Incline Range: 3-position manual elevation
Running Area: 16×47
User Capacity: 265Ibs
Warranty – Frame: Lifetime
Warranty – Motor: 10 Years
Warranty – Labor: Information not available
Warranty – Parts: Information not available
Average Price: Under $1000



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