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Free Spirit 2CHP Dual-Action Treadmill Review

Has a water bottle Holder

A private label for Sears Canada similar to Kenmore for Sears. These are very overpriced treadmills allowing sears to offer 90% off sales to appeal to instinct buyers. All future parts must be purchased from Sears at 4 to 10 times their original cost.


If you are looking at this model, you are probably looking at it for the low price. This Free Spirit treadmill model has a 2.0 CHP motor. That motor combined with the fact that the deck is only 18×50″ means that you should stick to only walking on this unit. The cushioning should be sufficient to reduce the impact on your joints while walking, but the deck and motor are not strong enough to support the constant impact of running or even jogging.

Speed and incline values are pretty standard here. Plus there are convenient quick-controls on the handlebars. However, the preset values on the quick-controls are not as gradual as we would like. There are pulse monitors on the handlebars too. The maximum user weight capacity is listed at 285 lbs, which is also about average for the motor size.


There are a decent number of programs on this model, 5 preset, 2 user defined and 2 heart rate control, 10 in total, that are pretty easy to navigate on the console. The LCD display stats like distance, time, and progress, while 2 red LED screens display the speed and incline. The console however is made of cheap feeling plastic, so it doesn’t have a nice impression to it, but if you don’t care about these aesthetic things, then it should be okay. While there are cup holders / bottle holders, there are a lot of other things that we would like to see that are missing from this Free Spirit treadmill. There are no speakers, or mp3 player, which can be found on a lot of other treadmills in this price range. This might not be that important to some people though, but we feel like it’s such a common feature these days, that it should be on there. Music can be a very motivating aspect of working out for a lot of people. Another thing that is lacking on this treadmill is a fan, which is a small thing, but can help you stay a little more comfortable during your walk.

Something that might be of interest to people is the “Dual-Action” aspect of this treadmill. This is basically 2 handlebars that function as elliptical arms, so you can integrate a little bit of upper body movement as well. But even that part could have been done better, as they also feel kinda cheap. A plus is that this treadmill is relatively easy to assemble, and of course budget friendly. Also, it does fold up, so it can save you a bit of space if you need that.

This treadmill is at the low end of the price bracket we are looking at, but it’s also at the low end in terms of quality. The problem is that you can find a lot of other treadmills out there that rank the same in terms of price, but that offer more features and are better quality. Alternatively, you can also find other treadmills out there that offer the same quality and features, but for a cheaper price. You are better off looking for those other treadmills.

Free Spirit 2CHP Dual-Action Treadmill – Key Specs:

Frame Type: Folding
Drive Motor: 2 CHP
Speed Range: 0.6 – 10 mph
Incline Range:
Running Area: 18×50
User Capacity: 285lbs
Warranty – Frame: Lifetime
Warranty – Motor: 10 Years
Warranty – Labor: Varies
Warranty – Parts: Varies



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