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AFG 7.1AT Treadmill Review

AFG 7.1AT Treadmill Reviews

THIS MACHINE is hands down the best non- Folding treadmill under $2000. the solid surface is for every runner and the technology on this treadmill would blow away any commercial machine

Hard to find faults with this machine. If you can spend a few $ more, look also at the True M50. Some like BMW and others like Lexus just a personal preference.


Without any doubt, the AFG 7.1AT treadmill is definitely one of the best treadmill available on the planet. Why? For under $2000, you get over $5000 value; you get components and parts that professional treadmill uses for less than 50% of the price. You also get one of the most advanced technology ever implemented on treadmills known as “Passport Media Player”. This feature alone worth more than $2000, it makes treadmill workout fun and exciting. You no longer feel you’re working out but more like playing a ‘game’. Oh by the way, this feature is FREE. It comes with the treadmill itself! Isnt that amazing?

So what makes the AFG 7.1AT treadmill a legend? It comes with several premium features including durable heavy duty frame, professional 3.25 commercial grade motor, 20″ x 60″ extra long running area and an extraordinary workout program including the profile for better fitness tracking. As mentioned above, this unit also contain AFG’s latest development technology known as the Passport Media Player. This innovation technology feature 2 different trails throughout the American Southwest and Northern Italy which engage you with stunning video footage and ambient audio soundtracks right through your TV. Lets take a look at the video below. You will be blown away by this;

Isnt this just amazing? Especially when this feature is absolutely FREE? Please keep in mind that the Passport Media Player is only available on the AFG 7.1AT treadmill, the 3.1AT and 5.1AT do not support it yet. In additional, the AFG 7.1AT also have a USB port implemented. This allow users to download and update their treadmill programs for free. No technician or skills required. So simple that anyone can do it.

AFG 7.1AT Treadmill – Motor – Top of the line. Period.

The AFG 7.1AT treadmill is no joke. Although it is priced at $2000 range, but the motor installed on it is a 3.25CHP motor. It is so powerful that one can run on it at top speed (up to 12mph) without over stressing the motor. A 3.25CHP motor is what most professional treadmill use for fitness clubs and training centers. Its hard to believe that it can be found on a $2000 range treadmill now. In additional, the motor is backed with a lifetime motor warranty directly from AFG. This also shows AFG is extremely confident on the quality and durability on the AFG 7.1AT treadmill’s motor. This is one of the factors that makes this unit the absolute best buy treadmill 2012!


AFG 7.1AT Treadmill – Frame – Designed to Last Lifetime

In addition to the commercial grade motor, the AFG 7.1AT treadmill doesnt go cheap on its frame neither. As mentioned, the AFG 7.1AT treadmill is a top of the AFG treadmill line-up, designed with quality and durability in mind, which means it is very suitable for runners who plan to run on it intensively. The frame is build by durable heavy gauge steel that weight up to 286lb, and supports up to 375lbs users. If you are a big person, looking to lose some weight on the treadmill, AFG 7.1AT treadmill should be one of your top picks!

AFG 7.1AT Treadmill – Deck – Silicone Lubed Deck

Good stuff dont stop here. The AFG 7.1AT treadmill comes with the silicone lubed deck which help the belt of the treadmill and motor to run smoother and in directly produce less heat. This will prolong your treadmill operating life and reduce maintenance cost.

AFG 7.1AT Treadmill – Programming

The program menu on the AFG 7.1AT treadmill is excellent. From our experience, we couldnt be happier. It is equiped with pre-set programs such as speed intervals, stamina builder, weight loss etc. The customer profile works amazingly well on workout tracking for multiple users as well. This superior treadmill also comes with one of the easiest, most convenient methods to monitor your heart rate, and that is through a built-in Contact Grip Heart Rate Monitor in the handrail bar to consistently monitor your heart rate during your treadmill workout. It doesnt stop here because it is also equipped with a telemetric receiver where chest strap is included! This polar wireless heart rate transmitter feeds back user’s pulse rate to the treadmill’s computer to makes speed and incline adjustments based on user’s heart rate so that they are always in the optimum target fitness zone.

AFG 7.1AT Treadmill – Overall

The AFG 7.1AT treadmill is a deinitely the 2013 best buy in all aspects. As mentioned above, this unit is equipped with top of the line of everything; components, features and quality – you name it. For those who arent too familiar with the brand AFG, the are also known as Advanced Fitness Group by Johnson Fitness – Same manufacturer as popular brands such as Horizon, Livestrong for home fitness and Maxtrix for commercial. The only reason why AFG treadmills are priced lower than others is because they have used a very successful marketing strategy. Instead of spending premium on advertising their brand and models, they went straight to the point – reducing the price of their models instead. Because of this, they have created a huge impact on the treadmill industry recently whereas most treadmill prices dropped and become very competitive.

AFG 7.1AT Treadmill – Key Specs:

Frame Type: Standard
Drive Motor: 3.25 HP DC
Speed Range: 0.5-12 mph
Incline Range: 0-15%
Running Area: 20×60
User Capacity: 375lbs / 170kg
Warranty – Frame: Lifetime
Warranty – Motor: Lifetime
Warranty – Labor: 2 Years
Warranty – Parts: 5 Years



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