5 Treadmill Parts You Should Know

There are five treadmill parts you need to know as these parts affect how the treadmill runs and what you can do with the treadmill you purchase. The treadmill belt is the part that runs around and that your feet come in direct contact with. The deck is the portion of the treadmill that the belt runs around. The console is the area where you can choose your program and use the various settings to monitor your progress. The motor controls the workings of the treadmill, and the frame is what holds it all together. These are the parts you need to familiarize yourself with prior to purchasing a treadmill.

1. Treadmill Belt

First is the treadmill belt. It is an important factor in the workings of the treadmill because in many ways it determines how long the treadmill can last. You want the belt to be made of strong rubber, especially if you plan on logging large numbers of miles on the device. You want a surface that is not too slippery so you don’t have to worry about falling. Finally, you want it to come with a good warranty so you know it can be replaced if something does go wrong. Your treadmill is useless without a belt.

2. Treadmill Deck

The treadmill deck determines the length of stride you can have. Some decks are longer and some are wider, and you should really know your stride length before you decide on a deck size. Many people think a smaller deck is a good idea because it can fit better in a room, or it is easier to store. The problem is, this might not really fit your workout goals and so while the treadmill will sit nicely in the corner, that might be all it does. You need to find a deck that you can comfortably run and jog on. Even if you only plan to start by walking, eventually you may wish to challenge yourself. Shorter decks do not give you this option.

You also want the deck to be sturdy. It needs to be able to stand up to your weight. Chances are you are looking to lose a few pounds, but the deck has to be able to handle your beginning weight so you can get started on your routine. Some decks also come with an incline option so that you can run as though you are running uphill. You want to get one that is reasonable in order to challenge yourself later on. The deck can also come with a certain amount of cushioning. This is great for your joints, your knees, in particular, as it helps to reduce the impact you feel with each step. Finding one with a good shock absorber helps you to stay free from injury and keeps you on track when it comes to your workout goals.

3. Treadmill Console

The console is where you will see lots of variations between treadmills and what they have to offer. The console will cover things like your heart rate, your speed and your workout program. Some treadmills come with many different programs to run you through a series of challenges. Others are more simplified. Additional features on the console often include things like docking stations for an MP3 player, speakers so you can better hear your music, water bottle holders and various arm rests. You need to find a treadmill that has a console easy for you to use. It might seem simple to push the buttons at first, but when you are in a full run, and you want to slow it down, the buttons need to be larger than you think.

4. Treadmill Motor

This is what powers your treadmill just as a motor would power your car. The difference is, it is a much smaller motor and if you just get a standard horsepower motor you may find there are “blips” in your workout. The belt may stop or stutter a bit, and that can be very hard on you and your rhythm. Continuous horsepower motors are what you should look for in a treadmill as they make sure there is a minimum horsepower at all times so the belt is always running smoothly. This gives you a better workout and prevents accidents.

5. Treadmill Frame

This is the part of the treadmill that keeps the deck sturdy. You want to find a frame that is strong and maybe a bit bigger than you would originally think. When you start running, there can be a significant shake if you don’t get a heavy-duty frame. The frame is definitely worth spending a little extra money on, or you may find yourself limited when it comes to your workout goals. You also want to consider the placement of the bars. If you are taller, you don’t want something that is too short. You cannot be hunching over to grab onto the bars if you need a break, or you are trying to measure your heart rate. Find a frame that fits your frame.

When you look into the pieces that make a great treadmill a few models stand out, and for advanced users, it is necessary to consider the AFG 7.1 AT. It is made by Johnson Fitness, the same company that produces for Livestrong but at a fraction of the price. You will find all the pieces are of high quality and will last you through your fitness goals. If you are looking for something at the professional level, you won’t find a more quality treadmill than the True ES900. This treadmill has a sterling reputation and stands the test of time.

No matter what treadmill you end up with you need to remember it is only as good as how often you choose to use it. You can only meet your health goals by consistently working out and challenging yourself. That is why it is so important to find a high-quality product that can keep up with your demand.


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