AFG Treadmill Reviews

AFG Sport 5.7AT Treadmill

Key Features The AFG sport 5.7AT is tablet ready – ready to connect, ready for you! Use your favorite tablet… Read More »

AFG 7.3AT Treadmill

Here is another treadmill that has an inflated “regular” price. This is a glorified Horizon Treadmill to us. $3099 regular… Read More »

AFG 5.3 AT Treadmill

This product should be priced at $999 every day. Based on the components there is no way this machine would… Read More »

AFG 7.1AT Treadmill Reviews
AFG 7.1AT Treadmill Review

Without any doubt, the AFG 7.1AT treadmill is definitely one of the best treadmill available on the planet. Why? For… Read More »

AFG 5.1AT Treadmill Reviews
AFG 5.1AT Treadmill Review

PROS: BEST FOLDING Treadmill under $2000.
CONS: Would not recommend if you are going to do very heavy running on the machine.

AFG 3.1AT Treadmill Reviews
AFG 3.1AT Treadmill Review

PROS: Great Value for the money, probably the best “first” treadmill money can buy.
CONS: Small surface for the serious user.